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Thanks for clicking on this page, but...

You’re Way Cooler Than Me

Seriously. You’re the one creating change in the world.

I’m just here trying not to fangirl. 

As a sustainable company, your brand matters – not just to you and your clients, but on a global scale as well (talk about responsibility).


I became a sustainability copywriter to help brands succeed by sharing their story effectively, so they can focus on continuing to make a difference.

Because right now, it matters more than ever.

Maybe you're here because...

You know what you want to say, you just don’t know how to say it​.

Are one (or all) of these hitting home?

You’ve got the vision but putting it to paper is well, daunting, and you don’t have the time.
You want the world to know about your brand, you just don’t know where to start.
You’ve got a website but you need to up your game, generate more traffic, and sharpen your brand voice.
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​Hey, I'm Jessica.

(But you can call me Jess...or Jessica Paige if I'm in trouble.)

How I Got Here

As a former agency copywriter, I’ve had my fair share of writing for brands that used unethical practices to create and sell their product. And I was the one writing the words to move people closer to them. I felt like an accomplice. Guilty by association.


Then I realized...

I didn’t want to write for brands I didn’t believe in.

So, I broke off on my own and decided to write for brands that I could get behind. Conscious entrepreneurs that want to make a difference through eco-friendly products, health and wellness initiatives, and beyond. Now I can be an accomplice in a different way. Moving customers closer to a brand that is making a positive impact.

I put in the work.

So Why Am I Qualified for Your Project?

An expert in craft

I hold a Masters of Arts in English.

You won’t be getting an entry-level writer. You’re getting someone who has studied the craft and takes it damn seriously.


Copy that attracts the masses

I wrote for an IMDb documentary that was accepted into over 75 international film festivals.

I am well-practiced in crafting compelling copy designed to engage an audience. No need to hire a hype man, the copy will do all the work.


A commitment to learning

I’m a proud graduate of the Copywriter Accelerator.

I have a passion for knowledge-seeking and I take continuous courses with expert copywriters to perfect my process. You get a determined copywriter that never settles for results that are "just okay."

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Someone who gets it

I’m a member of the Outdoors Writers Association of America and have 10+ year experience writing about green topics like urban garden initiatives, the dying bee population, and more.

Environmentalism is a complex topic (to say the least). You need someone who is passionate about the subject matter so you’re not spending hours explaining the basics.

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"Jesica jumped right into our project, and what followed was an amazing experience of respect and storytelling. To Jessica, no insight was too small, and no idea was wasted while bringing to life the story we set forth to tell. When we finally met, we became instant friends. Now our project has been receiving recognition all over the world."


Lorena Marques, LDMM

But on a deeper note...

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Joan Didion, Leo Tolstoy, and Toni Morrison are some friends I like to hang out with. See what I’ve been reading and drop a line to share what you’ve been reading, too.


“Without music, life would be a mistake.”


– Friedrich Nietzsche

Agreed, Mr. Nietzsche. What I’m listening to.


Traveling is my heartbeat. See the places I’ve been (there are so many more to explore). 

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