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“Jess was able to make our brand ideas come to life. She was excellent at listening and understanding our organization’s vision and she provided us with a great website framework. Jess was a pleasure to work with and she truly cared about everything we had to say, doing everything she could so the website would be top-notch and accurately portray our brand vision.” 


Cecilia, Iron Core Fitness

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Seeds of Greatness

Brand Reposition

Your company is headed in a new direction.

Whether you’re transitioning to be a socially conscious brand or you’re implementing new green practices, you need an effective strategy to implement your new launch.


When you book me for a brand reposition, I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to learn more about your company's new direction. Then we’ll meet for a brainstorming and strategy call on Zoom. I come prepared and choc full of ideas prior to our meeting. 


You’ll walk away with a firm launch strategy in place, a content schedule, and even a few headlines in your back pocket.

Website Audit

You’ve got a site, but you’re not getting sales. You need to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

When I saddle up to a website audit, I mean business. First, I’ll send over a video of me going over your current website along with recommendations/concerns along the way. This includes not only an overview of the copy but the user experience as well. Next, we’ll book a video call, brainstorm ideas, and consult on your current marketing.


You’ll walk away with a recording of my website audit, plus a transcript of our call that includes site recommendations like SEO, a brand voice and user experience overview, and more.

Unearth Your Brand Voice

You’ve got the bits and pieces, now it’s time to put them together.

The most important first step in establishing your brand is a defined brand voice. It not only cements your brand’s personality but ensures your voice and tone are consistent across all of your marketing channels. In essence, it sets the course. When creating a brand voice guide, I make sure I know and understand your brand as much as my childhood best friend, Rachel (favorite ice-cream flavor: Mocha Chip. Greatest fear: being called out on my website). 


You’ll walk away with a defined vision and mission statement, tagline, core values, an audience analysis, a brand word bank, new messaging, a brand manifesto, and so much more.
Web Copy
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The Grow Kit

(AKA everything you need for a thriving website)

As soon as people land on your site, your prospects should feel the urgency to buy your products right then and there. In just a few seconds, you should capture their eyes with appealing copy, and their heart with an instant connection to your cause. 


I create personality-driven copy that packs a punch. Online readers don’t want to read a diatribe of never-ending text. I bottle up the essence of your brand personality and explode it across the page with copy that’s clear, concise, and conversational.

You’ll walk away with brand-specific web copy (the number of pages depends on the package you choose), one-on-one consulting time with muah to strategize and sift through ideas, a competitor analysis, consumer insights within your market, SEO keyword recommendations, and oh yeah, higher sales from copy that converts!
Email Copy
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The Watering Can

Nourish your brand with emails that produce results.

Email marketing is by far the most lucrative way to grow your business. If you don’t pay much attention to your email copy, you’re missing out. Big time. It’s like growing a beautiful field of products and then forgetting to water them in 110-degree desert heat. 


I produce email copy that’s not only compelling but actionable. Including can’t resist subject lines, enticing headers, clear call-to-actions, and personalized copy that never reads robotic or mass-produced. 


You’ll walk away with VOC research with insights into your target market, one-on-one consulting time to nail down your objectives, a profitable email sequence (quantity of emails depends on the package you choose), and a metric dive on your email’s performance.
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Need a price guide?

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica off and on at Magisto and Vimeo for the past year. Working with a freelancer, outside of your company is sometimes a risk, and almost always hit or miss. Some writers are more skilled than others, some get it, and some don't. Jessica - GETS IT."


Cindy, Vimeo

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