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AppSumo is a digital marketplace that sells affordable software to entrepreneurs.


I've had the pleasure of working as a humor copywriter and Senior Email Marketing manager for AppSumo for 3+ years. We use an innovative, humorous brand voice to increase engagement and relate to our audience in a more personalized way.

Jessica Baltzersen Sustainable Copywriter Logo
Jessica Baltzersen Sustainable Copywriter Logo

Taco Day Campaign

As an Austin-based company, AppSumo uses tacos in its marketing and for its product rating system. So, I created the company's first-ever National Taco Day campaign which resulted in the company's highest single revenue-generating email to date.

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Women's Entrepreneur Week Campaign

As a company that uplifts and empowers entrepreneurs, I wanted to create an event that celebrated women business owners. In honor of International Women's Day, I created AppSumo's first-ever Women's Entrepreneurs Week where we worked to shine a spotlight on female entrepreneurs and their products. I lead the initiative with an incredible team of people who helped support and bring the vision to life. 

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